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Over 50 student organizations and science clubs!

Studies at Krakow University of Economics are about more than acquiring degree-specific knowledge and skills.  Time spent at KUE is also an opportunity to build valuable relationships, expand networks and make lifelong friendships. Such extra-curricular successes are possible thanks to the functioning of numerous student organizations, scientific clubs and opportunities for volunteering. These activities bring together people with similar passions, interests and ambitions, keen to do and achieve more. Extra-curricular engagement of KUE students allows them to gain valuable experiences outside the classroom and is appreciated by all employers, national and international.

Over 40

scientific clubs


student organizations, preparing annually 30+ major projects


sports teams

KUE students interested in self-government activities may join the Student Parliament (PSUEK), whose task is to represent the interests of students before the University Authorities. The Parliament takes an active part in the management of the University by placing student representatives in all major decision-making bodies of KUE. The Parliament also organizes trainings and projects that support the development of students and help in the integration of the entire academic community.

The organization that integrates the student community inside and outside KUE is the nation-wide Independent Students’ Association (NZS). The Association projects aim to support the cultural, scientific and social development of students and it carries out various charity actions.

KUE students can plan their professional development starting from the first years of their studies together with the Student Career Center. Job offers, apprenticeships, internships, as well as individual counseling, trainings and Job Fairs – all this is offered by SCC to help students and graduates to successfully enter the labor market.

Students wishing to work in an international environment can join the Erasmus Student Network, an organization that promotes student exchange and provides assistance to people going to study within the Erasmus program framework.

Those who like to sing are united in the Dominanta Choir, while sports enthusiasts can realize their passions in the various teams of the Academic Sports Association.

Students also develop their passions in numerous scientific clubs, which are associated in the Council of Scientific Clubs. Members of the clubs form a community of over 1200 people, all of whom are involved annually in 80+ projects on various topics.

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