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About Krakow

About Krakow
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Krakow is a unique place on the map of Poland and Europe. The city combines centuries of history and a European tradition of university education with a focus on modern development, international business and global innovation. Thanks to its enormous cultural, educational, scientific and business potential, the capital of the Małopolska region undoubtedly deserves to be called a “city of opportunities”!

Krakow provides a rich mix of education, open to international students from 110+ countries. KUE is a major provider of higher education opportunities in the city, especially in the English language.




Education, lifestyle, work and culture

For Polish and international students Krakow is an ideal place to study. In this city, modernity goes hand in hand with tradition, creating an atmosphere friendly to both residents and visitors, Polish-speakers and English-speakers alike. Krakow is ideal for those who, while pursuing higher education, want to make new friends, develop and pursue their passions, become immersed in part-time or full-time careers in national and international companies or organizations. Krakow is also a great place to start a scientific career or build a business after graduation.

Krakow is also

  • European Capital of Culture (awarded in 2000).
  • European Capital of Gastronomic Culture (awarded in 2019).
  • Vibrant center for start-ups with a supportive environment for fast growth of new enterprises.
  • City of big business and international corporations – home to 230 major corporate centers.
  • International conference center, hosting annually over 5000 events.
  • Cultural and music center, with over 400 events organized each year.
  • Home to international students, with 10,000 studying in the city annually, from 110+ nations.
  • World travel destination and transit hub, with international airlines, trains and buses connecting the city to all European locations and to the world.


– the best place for your studies, life and career!